Cleanroom Panels
Display Panels
General Purpose Panels
Furniture Panels
Standard Panels
Marine Panel System
Shelter Panel System
Barricade Panel System
Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Applications
Aircraft Bodies
Prefab Houses
Rail Interior & Coach Bodies
Submarine Body Interior
Panels for Elevator
Partition walls and structures
Exterior as well as interior walls of airports and railway stations for better acoustical and heat insulation, good impact resistance and radiation proof.
Exterior walls of factories for better safety and flexibility exterior applications.
Large module walls and floors requiring high technical performance.
Temporary interiors such as exhibitions and showrooms.
Walls & Floors in elevators.
Board and yacht interiors.
Furnishing (counter-tops, panels etc) sliding walks, ceilings.
Large size panels easily installed without adhesive.
Prefabricated bathroom cabins for hotels, cruise luxury bath and yachts
ECOCOMB Stainless steel honeycomb uses include joiner panels, bulkheads, train doors and floors or any areas where honeycomb is subjected to hostile environments.
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