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Foam Sandwich Panels
Foam Sandwich Panels is a combination of structural foam core material with various skin combinations such as fire resistant/ fir proof MGO Boards or Polymer Matrix Composite skins and many others. Foam Sandwich panels are the conventional material used for wall and partition constructions.

The cellular structure acts as noise and vibration dampener and increases thermal and sound proofing properties of the panel making it highly useful as a partition in the construction and transport industries.

Foam sandwich Panels have high thermal insulation properties which varies based on application requirement. Due to its light weight & mechanical characteristics it has diverse application in various industries. They can be widely applied to all kinds of decoration and building construction. They are the best materials for plants, apartments, hotels, office buildings and public constructions, etc. In addition; they are used for compartments, households, bathrooms, the inner and outer walls of kitchens in the high-rise building and housing renovation projects.
Light-weight & high-intensity
Fire resistant & insulation
Anti-impact scratch
Corrosion resistant
Easy to clean & install
Anti-mildew, mould, moisture, resistant
Resilient to weathering and hail
Excellent thermal characteristics
Energy-saving simple and fast installation durable
Energy-saving, environment-friendly, fire proof, water proof, fire proof, increased the usable area, anti-pressure, anti-quake, anti-impact, sound insulation, heat insulation and preservation, simple construction, high efficiency, spiking, stick-ability, light weight and economy and so on.
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